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Types of Trees

Balsam Fir

Fraser Fir

Grand Fir

Coast Douglas-fir

Canaan Fir

Scotch Pine

Norway Spruce

Blue Spruce

White Spruce

Serbian Spruce

Green Briar Tree Patch

752 Briar Patch Rd.
Somerset PA, 15501
(814) 445-5557

Services Offered:
Live Potted Trees

Welcome to the GREEN BRIAR TREE PATCH. We are open from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Conveniently located just off RT 601 only 4 miles North the Pa Turnpike (I-70 &I-76). We are also just 1 mile north of US 219.
Over 15 varieties of Christmas trees both in Choose-n-cut, precut, or live balled and burlapped. The Fir varieties we offer are Balsam-Canaan, Concolor, Douglas, Fraser and Grand. The Pine vaieties we offer are Austrian, Eastern or Southwestern White, and Scotch. The spruce vaieties we offer are Englemann or Colorado or Blue, Norway, Serbian and White.
Table top trees up to 15 ft tall trees. Our trees start out at $10 for a small tree. A typical 7 to 8 ft. tree will cost about $30 in a pine or spruce variety. Our Firs cost $40 to $50.
If your looking for something taller than eight feet the Pines and Spruces cost $40 to $55. The Firs 9 to 15 Ft. are $55 to $75.
We offer free cutting, cleaning, wrapping, and loading of your tree. Our Choose-n cut lot is just 100 ft, from the parking area. We also have a nice selection of precut trees available in a well lighted area for our evening and after dark customers. Tree stands, preservative, skirts and bags are also available.
Handmade wreaths, garlands, and boughs are made at our own wreath shop just next door to Our HEATED Country Store. Our Country Store "THE BRIAR PATCH" is opened year around and offers hundreds of great gift ideas.
Excellent Setting under a Canopy of tall evergreens with an outside campfire ring and seasonal music for added warmth and atmosphere. We welcome your visit so bring your entire family and camera to remember your experience with our freindly family staff.

Tree Prices: $10.00 - $75.00

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